What do you want to drink today?

Here is a little tribute to a well known beverage that has been around from the beginning of time. Beer has captivated the lives and hearts of people for millions of years. From the early bremeisters of the Stone Age to your grandfather mixing it up in his basement during the Prohibition. People from every status group in the world enjoy beer. Just stand on a corner of Anytown, USA and ask any bum in the gutter and he or she will say "God damn I love beer". Then ask any promising business yuppie piece of shit and they will say "God damn I love beer". So to hell with all those people that always are talking about how beer is the devil's work. If it is so be it.

After coming home after a hard(heh) day hitting the books and/or working, what beverage do you think about having? If you are normal you'd be like "This day has totally sucked I could really use a beer." When you hit the bars what one special night a week do most bars have that gets people talking? Penny beer of course.
Beer not only tastes great, but also has many qualities that other beverages lack. Does cola give you the nerve to go up to flash your dick at some hot chick in the bar? HELL NO! Does drinking milk help loosen your tongue up to tell people what really is on your mind? I DON"T THINK SO. Beer provides all of these magical qualities and more.
So the next time you are sitting around drinking beer and having a good time, remember the history of beer and all the joys that it can provide. There are no limits to the satisfaction of Beer.
Here are some links to some of the best beers around(Notice that Pabst is not listed).


Mickey's is the best damn malt liquor around. Nothing like a 40oz. or 2 to start off the night.
MIller Lite

Miller Lite has to be considered one of the best staples of beer. It goes good with any meal and is one of the easiest beers to chug. It IS the best cheap beer around.
Killians Irish Red

Sometimes you just have to fork out to get some good quality imports. Killians Irish Red is one of the smoothest beers with a little bit of bite around. Well worth the 20 bucks a case every now and then.
Another mentionable import would have to be Moosehead. Got a great alchohol content and a little bit of bite. The best thing about it is that it has a little hop like taste but it doesn't go as far as to being called skunky like a Heineken which is pure shit.

Beers that should never be mentioned are fucking import beers from Germany that come in a wine type of bottle. Triple bach my ass. They try to cram so much shit into the beer that it ends up becoming more of a mutated wheat drink version of Tang than anything else. STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS.

Cheap beers are good if you are like piss ass broke. Their quality sucks but the price is right for that quick cheap buzz. I do like Pabsts Genuine Draft, but I only seen that once and it is kind of a joke I think to make a genuine draft off a beer like Pabsts.
The definitive word on beer has been spoken. Now onto some other alchoholic beverages.
Here is a picture of my cousin all hopped up on Goofballs and Beer!!!