Poker Night

Every now and then, the boys get together along with Kim, Tara, and Omaha Char to play some cards. What better place than here would be a way to track winnings and list all the card games that we play. This way classic games like "7 or 27" or "Liars Poker" will not be forgotten.

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This game is simple. You get three cards, 3's are wild. There are no straights or flushes. Everybody antes a certain amount, then the cards are dealt. This is a 'pay the pot' game. If only one person states they are going to go for the pot then they must play against a dummy hand dealt by the dealer, otherwise players play against each other with the high hand winning. If you go and then lose to three of a kind(natural) you must pay triple the pot. If you go and then lose to three of a kind(with wild card(s)) you must pay double the pot. All other losses constitute that you just pay the value of the pot. The game ends when just one person stays and then beats the dummy hand.
** When there is a tie, wild cards or not, the pot will be split among the players involved.
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Kings and Low

This game is a wild card poker variation of 5-card draw with Kings always wild and the lowest card in your hand. Example I have A-K-3-3-9. This would give me 4 aces. This game is also known as "Kings and the little Man". This game is played in the same way as Thirty-Three in that it is a pay the pot game.
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Low Hole

Not to be confused with Low Hole roll your own. It is very important for one of the players involved to say "Are you LoHo?" No one is quite sure what will happen if this is not said. This game is played exactly like Kings and Low; however, Kings are not wild.
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Community Games

"On the board" or "Community" Games. ie Mr T, Elevator, L or Elbow, Best two in the center, box, criss cross, etc. These basic rules apply to alll "on the board" games, some cards are delt to each player and some cards are dealt face down in the middle of the table, or in this case all over the table. These "community" cards are then flipped over in some particular order with a betting round after each flip. Each player may use some cards from His/her hand and some from the cards on the board. There are usually restrictions placed on which cards can be used and these games are often played with a splitter. A certain card is flipped over. This card determines which player is eligible for a portion of the pot, usually half. Splitters are generally high, low, or bonzai. For example, if a high splitter is called and a spade is flipped over, then the person with the highes spade receives half of the pot. For bonzai, the card flipped determines whether or not the split will be high or low. 8+ is high 7- is low.
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Mr. T

Mr T: Mr. T is the Big brother of all 'community' games, normally called by Omaha Char. The exact rules of this game are unknown; however there are a few basics to follow. All players must move thier chips/money to the edge of the table to make room for Mr. T. Some random number of cards, usually between 10 and 25 are placed on the table in a T formation. Some random number of cards, usually between 2 and 5, are dealt face down to each player. One card from each leg of the T is flipped between each betting round and players may use all of the cards in thier hand, plus all of the cards from any 1 leg of thier choice to make a 5 card hand. Players cannot use community cards from different legs. The intersection of the T may be used, regardless of which leg the player chooses. The intersection card is turned up last and is usually a splitter. Deaks are allowed, but are usually not involved. Usually there are no wild cards. Best 5 card hand wins.
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