What's New & Hot?

5/04/01:  I would suggest to any visitors who know me to check out 'Stemp's outta control list'.. It's under entertainment/personal.

4/28/01:  I would suggest to any visitors to check out (in order of my preference) the volleyball section under Sports and entertainment, Greek's tips under Love, and the Health and Fitness section.  Also made preparations for the ask Greek section, per Shady's request.

4/24/01:  Fixed the links... It appears that I set some of the links up so that they reference the A: drive first, and then the next page as a file in the A drive... would probably work great if everyone had my disk, but.... Thanks fraggle for the heads up.  Also, did some more spell checking thanks to a Greek suggestion.  Decided that I don't like the frames anymore.  I'm considering removing them.  Fraggle brought up a good point about being easier if you wanted to pages with different colors and stuff.  Big news is that I updated the volleyball sheet, included a bunch of tourneys, but didn't finish.  Greek, let me know what you think.

4/13/01:  Just did some editing, spell check and stuff.. added a few things... I think I need to concentrate on one section and get that section going, instead of random small additions to everywhere.

4/7/01:  Updated some stuff.  Added the health and fitness stuff, some more volleyball stuff, plus put in Greeks tips.  Also put in a hit counter, but I'm not sure if it's working.  Oh, one last thing, I put "(Not OP.) by all of the links that really go to some page having nothing, so everybody (other than fraggle) should ignore these and they rest of the site should have something. 

3/14/01:  Added the travel section, which includes the hopefully soon to be famous.."cop watch."  Also added a Movie Review Page.

2/9/01:  Made some changes and stuff.  Haven't really finished a section yet, just kinda roaming around, putting up random stuff.