The Realm of the Fraggle

Here is Lab 10 .....

Here is my Lab 9

Hey my page is now updated. After a year almost of not updating my page, it is finally updated.
Go Check Out the NEW "Beer Page!!!" A must see for the masses.

SPORKS! Be sure always to keep an extra spork around for emergencies, and make sure that they are properly installed.

Here is a new pic of me sent by Erik Huntoon, a man who drinks whiskey like water. Also if you are into Jeeps(and who isn't *chuckle*) go check out Adam Sparks web page or as he is called Cueball if you must(and should). And if you really want to waste your time, go check out Mike Wessler's home page. Don't think you'll spend a lot of time there because as you will see it is very sparse. If you feel hinky go check out the cyber-wizard's web page. Drew's page has a lot more info than Wessler's page and is put together better.

Here is still the link to some
Click on the Flaming Boognish to go to for now.
Up Next for this web page is a page for the leaders of the followers of the Great and Powerful Boognish...