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About Region Rats. Hello. I'm Game and I'll be your host as you venture through this web site. Not too long ago a few of my associates and I decided to create a web site. The point was to create a web site geared towards residents and visitors of Northwest Indiana and Northeastern Illinois....The Region as many would call it . So feel free to check out this web site and let us know what you think, what sections you like, or even what you would like to see on our...rather your web site.

What's new and what's hot?: Check out new additions and new hotspots on this site.

Love @ The Region: This section provides a dating service, where you can post an add or view other adds. This is also the spot to find great dating tips like good date ideas and good places to go. If you already have your date planned, then check us out for the 411 on where to get that nice, affordable, floral touch to enhance your chances of a successful date...or maybe you are looking for a harder (and shinier) compliment to your date to firm up your relationship.

Sports & Entertainment: This includes information on sports, games, riddles, fantasy world (Pokemon/comic books/Magic:The Gathering etc), gambling, and more. This section provides what the region has to offer and where the hotspots are. If you are looking to buy some fishing equipment, sell some old comic books, a good time to hit the river boats, or even if you're looking for a volleyball league, but don't know where to go, then this is the spot you're looking for.

Fine Dining: The food connoisseurs of the region are compiling a list of the best cuisine related secrets of the area and are willing to share the results with you. Included are reviews and great deals, so check it out before you go out to dine.

Nightlife: The what's in, what's out, and where to go in the area when the sun goes down, but the night gets hot. Dance clubs of all nature, bars, both male and female reviews, and more.

Travel:  Got that funny noise in your car?  Wonder where the police are hanging out?

View the sign-in List: The great advantage to having a local site is that you don't have to share it with people from Australia. Check out who's visited our site and see if you know anyone.

Contact the Region Rats: Any questions, comments concerns, feel free to contact us.

Updated on: April 7, 2001

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